Tips For Searching And Bidding For Hotel Rooms Online.

Hotels that get all the crowds while the lesser known hotel chains have hundreds of rooms every day that stay empty!

How can we find the hotels that are so desperately in need of people to occupy their rooms that they are willing to give deep discounts? Here are some ways in which smart travelers get quality rooms at big bargains.

Check out the websites to spot a bargain

One of the favorites of the hotel industry is the website They claim to know hotels “in and out”. Let us try aOne of the favorites of the hotel industry is the website about hotels. They claim to know hotels “in and out”. r quote.

On the search page, we canenter specific Hotel chain names, property types (Hotel, Suite, Vacation Room or Condo, Resort or Bed and Breakfast) as well as what hotel amenities we prefer such as Business Center, Fitness Center, Internet Access, Full or partial kitchen, Pets, Pool, Restaurant, etc.

The best days for cheapest hotel rates are on weekends. Friday and Saturday and sometimes Sunday nights are the day you will find hotels most empty in towns which are frequented by business travelers. So weekend rates are usually priced up to 50% lower than normal rates. Decide on the rates that you expect for the days that you are traveling and make sure that the search includes these dates only.

Remember that the same weekend on a holiday season may be charged differently because of the influx of holiday tourists of families on vacation.

When we enter the dates and the town we wish to live in, out comes a long list of hotels in that city, ranging from $62 (Good Night Inn)  to $ 500 (Le Meridien). So we can choose any of these hotels and try to get more discounts by calling them on their telephone numbers.

By clicking on the hotel “select” button in the list, you will get the addresses and maps along with the toll-free telephone numbers of each hotel you are interested in.

Narrow down your choices

Choose a few (at least five of them) among the more luxurious hotels than the type of hotels you are used to staying in when you travel. Our goal is to get the more expensive hotels for a bargain.

Search on the internet for coupons or deals on these hotels by going to and searching for <hotel name> coupon. Even the larger hotels usually have some type of deal or promotion going on. Some may offer free days or larger discounts, tickets for attractions, future discounts or points, etc.

It is usually smart to call each of the chosen hotels on their toll free numbers and ask them for quotes without making any reservations. Mention any frequent flyer miles or hotel points you are planning to use, children or senior citizens traveling with you, how many rooms you will need, any other facilities or discounts they are willing to give you (some hotels may give one day’s stay free if you stay for a three day weekend). Also mention if you have a corporate account or if you are a stockholder of the hotel chain.

Specifically ask for a list of all other taxes and charges and get a really accurate idea of what your total bill will be for each of the hotels. You may pad it up to 10% more because of additional charges such as telephone calls, internet access or video game rentals during the stay.

Now that you have narrowed down the list of hotels to that you would prefer to stay in, let us go to the next step.

Decide your strategy

PriceLine specifies that you can re-bid on hotels only once every twenty four hours. If you change your neighborhood, dates, city or quality (5* etc) then you can re-bid immediately.

The higher the star category of the hotel, the greater discount you can expect to bid. If you are planning to bid on a 4* hotel, and you saw a long list of such hotels in your search, then that means there are a lot of available rooms for those dates, so you can bid lower simply because of the lower demand.

Go to which is a hotel booking website that does not tell you the name of the hotel until you have booked i

tss from the Hotwire price when you set your bid

Cast the magical dice

Make sure that your PriceLine bid is at least 30% off the lowest prices you get by searching similar hotels online. If there are conventions going on in that town or it’s a busy season, then you can bid higher than this recommended low price.

Find out all the neighborhoods around the town where you really need to stay. Write down a list of all these alternate neighborhoods where you can stay for this trip. Usually, the airport hotels are the most expensive, and it gets cheaper as we get further away from the airport. Also, mid-town may have the best hotels with the most amenities and they may or may not be busy depending on the days and seasons.

Before you bid, remember that if you bid is accepted, your credit card will be charged immediately. There is absolutely no way to get any refunds!

Go to  and make the bid. Use only one neighborhood of your choice, even if you have multiple choices. Use that includes the taxes and other fees. If you are not happy with the total charges, then bid lower.

What to do when bid is rejected

If the bid is rejected, return to the site and change the neighborhood choice (make sure you go back to the original search engine ht your pocket!