How To Save Hundreds Per Year On Fast Food, Restaurants, Clothing Etc

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons, that is how we will save hundreds of dollars on everything from food items to entertainment! There are many coupon books in circulation. Also, with the internet coupon and promotional codes, Googling for coupons has become a favorite past time of online consumers. For example, when I am ready to buy something from Macy’s, all I do is Google “Macy coupon” and I get a minimum of $5 worth or coupons. It may be free shipping, something 10% off or some sale that is going on to which we are instantly transported to, within seconds!

y using a portal that give us frequent flyer miles and a credit card that sends us at least 2% of the money back, we can save another few precious dollars which adds up to quite a bundle after multiple purchases of similar type.

Coupon Books – book can be used to save hundreds of dollars a year on dining, shopping, and travel. The website encourages us to buy these coupons which will make the entire coupon book pay for itself in one day! The 2008 coupon book for example, contains coupons for fine dining, casual dining, fast food, attractions,, Brookstone, Target, PetSmart, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the local Zoo, Boat rentals, Movie tickets, Fitness places and many others too many to mention! If you plan ahead and use these coupons at places that you go to anyway, then the coupons can save you plenty of money. This coupon book is custom designed for each locality to enable us to use it to the maximum benefit. To save paper, now some businesses are moving to CD coupon books so that only the tickets people actually use will be printed. It also helps reuse some of the coupons.

oupon sites online – There are many sites where we can scout out coupons for our use. Googling is the best way to find coupons. If you plan to buy from, use the Google search and type “Amazon coupons”. Sometimes we do get good coupons we can use. Be aware that if you click on those coupons and you are taken to the sites (in this case immediately, you will have to make your purchase through that website to get the discount. Also, if you click on a coupon to get to a shopping website, you will not get the discount from portal like AAdvanatage or Delta sky miles that offer miles per purchase. Compare the coupon with the number of miles given by our airline shopping portals and then decide what is better for you. Then go to the shopping portal and click on the airline shopping link or click on the coupon. Visit the following sites to search for coupons:

Promotional codes – These are codes that may be used for orders at various business sites online. The advantage of promotional codes over coupons is that we can actually get three discounts in one. Suppose I am planning to buy an appliance that costs $50 at the Sears website. I Google “sears promotional code” and get a code CH15 from Sears gives 15% off any purchase over $49.95. I check AAdvantage shopping site and Delta Miles shopping site. If I find that American gives me 3 miles per dollar and Delta gives me 5 miles per dollar for that purchase. In addition to these two discounts, I also use a credit card that will give me miles for every dollar I charge to it. I call this type of shopping the triple discount method J.

pecialty Credit cards – Using credit cards that give us frequent flyer miles or cash back bonuses can also save us a lot of money over time. Many of these credit cards pay a higher percentage for essential items such as groceries and gas purchases. Discover card, which was one of the earlier pioneers in the cash back arena, had also arranged through the website the ability to convert the cash back amounts to gifts or other purchases of bigger value thus saving us even more. Some credit cards give more cash back for important items such as groceries and fuel while reducing the rewards for non-essential items or vice versa.

ocal yellow pages – Most of the directories have coupons associated with local businesses. They are more useful that any other coupons online because they are custom made for the people in your area. Most of them are genuine money savers meant to introduce you to a local restaurant or grocery store.

eekend newspapers – The local newspapers usually come with a lot of coupons that you can cut up and carry with you. There will be coupons for cosmetics, medicines or apparel. There will also be many rebate coupons in them.

ebates – Rebates are money we get back from the manufacturers or stores when we try a new product or buy other products in bulk. Usually when we buy contact lenses, we get a coupon from our optometrists for $30 off four boxes of lenses. Similarly, the web is full of rebate rebates where we can buy things in bulk and get large discounts from it.

Local mailings – Sometimes we get coupons in the mail in long envelopes. They usually include coupons for local businesses such as spas, optical stores, painting and cleaning businesses or restaurant discounts. Most of these coupons may be used to save money that you would otherwise spend away.

If we are all aware of the hundreds of opportunities out there to save money and put the saved money aside for travel, we may be able to go on amazing vacations every year!

on Voyage!