Travel tips: likely non-obvious

Today, it is necessary only to hammer into a search engine “tips for travelers”, you get tons of information from step-by-step instructions for finding tickets and hotels to tips on packing Luggage and the selection of clothing. At the same time, in varying degrees, many of the articles overlap, in fact, talking about the same thing in different words. We decided to avoid the obvious and to present you, so to speak, unusual travel tips. Interested? Read on. Play in the fall I think you already know all (or almost all!) how to find a cheap ticket. The rules are clear: take care to buy in advance, travel during the low season, choose unpopular days and times of departure/arrival, use the “Sunday rule”, etc. etc. But did you know that in addition to the final cost of the ticket is affected by your location, time of purchase and even the type of device with which you performed? Therefore, to find in the Internet the options you want, buy a ticket at night or early in the morning and don’t forget to enable your browser to “incognito” mode. The fact that “smart” booking system not only analyze the well-being of the country in which you are, but also determine the type and the value of a device with which you make the booking. The same anonymity that allows them to cheat and to play on the slide.

Provide feedback

Many passengers ignore the request of airlines to provide their contact details when booking tickets. And it is in vain! The point is not the intention of the carrier to spam you with promotional mailings – mailing you can unsubscribe. Importantly, in the case of significant delays or flight cancellations on the airline (or travel agent) has the responsibility to inform passenger about change of the schedule. Accordingly, if there is no contact or they are not relevant, you risk long cuckoo at the airport waiting for the flight, while other passengers who shared their addresses/passwords/appearances, will spend “extra” time wisely – on fees and the tea party (if the vacation is yet to come) or a leisurely lunch/easy shopping (if you have to fly home). So, specify your “coordinates”: mobile number (Ukrainian and/or TravelSim), e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber – any channels through which I may reach you, wherever you may be.

To use web registration

Again, our friend Google on demand will give hundreds of texts that online check-in – option is very convenient and useful. And indeed it is. Most airlines open check remote for 2 – 3 days prior to departure, many people, including our MAU, even automatically register not registered independently of the passengers the day before departure and boarding sent via e-mail. The trend is that more and more carriers are on the path lowcost and begin to charge for airport check-in. Why does someone have to pay extra when you can use the user-friendly web check-in? And early check – your reliable protection against overbooking, greatly reducing the risk to stay behind their own flight due to the resale of tickets.

To protect personal data

No matter how great was the desire to post a photo of the landing online and to boast of upcoming flights, stifle it in the Bud. No options! Boarding pass contains much more information than you think. Apart from the obvious – name, points of departure and destination of a gate and seat is from a photocopy, you can get a ticket number, booking code, and in some cases even the card number of loyal passengers and amount of Luggage. Armed with this information, craftsmen in a couple of clicks can access your account and not only see your route and the last digits of a credit card, but also to make changes to the booking until cancellation. You should not provoke intruders and to put personal details on public display. Better to just do a selfie on the ramp or in the cabin. Likes will collect less, but the trouble insure.

To comply with the order of the flights

Never, under any circumstances do not break the sequence of flight segments, i.e. exactly follow the route indicated in your ticket. If it is, say, Odessa – Kiev – Amsterdam it is not necessary to even think about how to “get hooked” in Kiev, having missed the first flight. And here’s why. According to the international rules, in the absence of a passenger on any flights in complex route is cancelled the entire ticket. B-E-A-B. In both directions. No obligation on the part of the carrier. No payments and compensations. No chance to restore the ticket and continue the journey. Will have to purchase a new ticket at full value, because in this case of any promotional fares or early booking of the question. Vacation have not really had time to start, and half the budget gone. Not the best scenario, is not it?