Collect miles: the loyalty program of the airlines

You are not registered in any of the loyalty programs and fly like a normal passenger? If travel is an integral part of your life, it’s time to change the situation. Friendship with the airlines will allow you to make your journey more profitable and enjoyable. Ready to see this? Then went flew wink

Looking for, where it is profitable

So, first you need to decide with whom to initiate a friendship. It is important to assess factors such as the route network and the expansion of your city, pricing, schedules, convenience, membership in airline alliances. For us, Ukrainians, the most effective will be to initiate capture card Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways and UIA. The first three are members of the three major alliances – Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld respectively (which automatically means the opportunity to earn bonuses on flights and allies). MAU can boast not only the most comprehensive network of flights from Ukraine and within the country, but also in partnership with several presents from us international carriers – KLM, TAP Portugal, Ethihad Airways, Austrian Airlines and Air France. Mutual benefit as it is. How to save airline miles

Think how to join

In most cases (the vast majority are what is important) participation in the loyalty program is absolutely free. The only exceptions are budget airlines, offering friendship for money. Anyway, you can register one of the following ways: 1) online on the website of the carrier, 2) at the box office or Agency of the ticket, 3) at the front check-in at the airport or 4) on Board during the flight. Registration means the inclusion of personal data in the questionnaire and is completed after the specified e-mail comes the letter with the “key” to the personal account small mile bonus from the airline (sometimes) and a card number which must be quoted when booking tickets and any additional services. To wear with itself a plastic card today, there is no need, because in the digital age where it is more convenient to generate its electronic equivalent, save to gallery or the cloud and present it directly from the portable device.

Look how it works

A bargaining chip, but rather a currency, loyalty programs are a mile away – so the airline decided to call bonuses that will be loyal to the passenger for each flight and purchased the carrier and its partners service. The number of miles earned depends on the fare cost of the service or – in the case of the ticket – the booking class and distance of the flight. The shorter flight and lower the grade the fewer miles. And Vice versa. Important: the assets of each participant of the loyalty program mile or two subaccounts – one drip bonus miles, on the other – a status. First live longer (on average 18 – 36 months) and allow you to acquire awards, the second – less (one calendar year) and demonstrate the status (in other words, the level of loyalty) card holder. The higher it is, the more “buns” have the right to expect the passenger, the higher the probability of compliments. Status affects access to the business Lounges, check-in at a separate Desk, preferences extra baggage and carry-on baggage, priority boarding, etc. How to save airline miles

Figure out how to save

Naturally, the greatest price the flights for them on your map will fall the greatest number of miles. Use this quick method of accumulation can both individual travellers and flying in business at the expense of the company. How does it work? The fact that many airlines there are two loyalty programs for passengers (individuals) and companies (corporate members). Accordingly, if you and your company are friends with the same carrier, for each travel flights bonuses drop twice – on personal and corporate accounts. Convenient and profitable. But there are nuances. For example, you should know that miles, as a rule, cannot be earned on Charter flights. Pre-calculate the number of bonus and status miles for each flight is possible, scoring data in calculator earn miles on the airline’s website.

In addition to flights, you can earn and additional services. That is, ordering services, initially not included in the ticket price – the extra baggage, carriage of Pets, support children traveling alone, pre-ordering in-flight catering, extra comfortable seats, etc. – you also earn miles. And bonuses are provided for the use of the services of partner companies, such as rental cars, the use of mobile communications abroad, payments by Bank co-brand cards, staying at partner hotels, etc. So before you travel visit the website of your airline and go through the list of non-airline partners. Maybe stop your choice on someone of them will purchase the required service, and even miles further gather. If flying had not so often, use all the available features on the ground. Make Bank co-brand card and earn miles for using it. Rapid or expand activity in social networks – take part in polls and quizzes, post thematic photos and videos, put hashtags, make reposts, etc. for all of these digital trivia you are also eligible for the loyalty bonus.

Decide how to spend

Here so much that the eyes diverge. The most enjoyable mile purchase, of course, is an award ticket. You can get it at any private airline and partner airlines, regardless of distance, availability of crossing borders (internal or international) and type (direct or pass-through). Please note that an award ticket is not completely free. Miles compensates only tariff part, which is determined by the airline, but the fees and taxes that are imposed by airports and aviation authorities, miles, unfortunately, cannot be paid. A “purchase” discounts on ticket – usually up to 50% of the fare or upgrade, ie a premium upgrade, which believe me, are invaluable on long Intercontinental flights. Traditionally, the miles you can pay for most of the additional services of the airline and making changes to the ticket. Choose for yourself the most necessary and useful. And do not tighten with the “monetization” miles – remember the shelf life. Regularly log in to your account and check the balance. Think in advance about scheduled flights and calculate the use of the earned bonuses so that miles are not wasted. Moreover, in most cases be exchanged to be written off the miles on awards and travel for several months from the moment of their registration (the UIA is a maximum of 340 days), and if necessary, just make changes to them. How to save airline miles

Plenty of opportunities. The main thing is to use them. Well, the amenities and surprises – as loyalty bonuses – will not keep you waiting.