20 travel apps – Users Choice

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is its anticipation: when already purchased tickets and booked hotels, the selected and read out to the hole guide and the smartphone is ready to withstand the assault on new travel applications.

We had a good look at a lot of travel apps and selected twenty that will definitely come in handy in the new 2018. No matter where and when you drive, use iPhone or Android, just download these apps and you will never regret.

1. Kindle

You may harp on the fact that I read only paper books, but it is foolish to deny the fact, what to take with you on vacation Kindle is a million times easier than dragging a backpack in ten books. The only disadvantage of ebooks is that you will not be able to exchange their read books in local book stores, but the journey without extra pounds worth it. Upload the Kindle app on your iPhone or Android.

2. SAS Survival Guide

Relaxing in the hammock outdoors
She wove this hammock made of fish guts. She is the person who can survive in any conditions.

You know Morse code? What about the kindle fire – you can handle it? If you are seized with a thirst for adventure and desire to walk in unknown paths, without SAS Survival Guide – as without hands. This app, created by a former soldier and instructor of the Special airborne services, will help to master the hundreds of survival skills that are useful at home and on the road. Perhaps, of course, you stay in a five star hotel in new York’s Greenwich village, but listen to this – it is better to secure than sorry then, is not (iOS and Android)?

3. FlightAware

Enough to download a separate application for each airport or airlines – FlightAware allows you to track any flight in real time, get notifications and alerts about delays at all airports (iOS and Android).

4. LoungeBuddy

Need to kill a few hours while docked, and I really want peace and quiet/privacy/get in the shower? Why not use a lounge at the airport? LoungeBuddy gives you access to 170 Lounges worldwide – pay and use. Just find a suitable lounge at the airport transfers, and book it (iOS and Android).

5. Google Translate

Google Translate – evergreen smash hit (in Internet terms) and it has one feature, consider science fiction: it can translate in real-time and offline. Download the language you need, and point your camera at the text you need to translate. BAM – and translation ready (iOS and Android).

6. Duolingo

 That's what... and how to ask in Arabic about the spot boys to the left girls on the right?
That’s what… and how to ask in Arabic about the spot boys to the left girls on the right?

In Duolingo, a bunch of tiny lessons and games that teach you to read, write, listen and speak in any of the 27 included in the application languages – including Klingon. Start with the base verbs, phrases and sentences and learn some new words every day (iOS and Android).

To read more: became friends with Duolingo? Try these great applications for learning foreign languages.

7. TripIt

Are going to move during the journey and stay at different hotels or just not very well able to follow all of their bookings? Well, TripIt is your new best friend. Just get all messages with the evidence – or open TripIt access to your Inbox, and the app will build for you a simple route and make the cards you want. Brilliant thing (iOS and Android).

8. XE

If you are like most of us, I can not immediately translate 343 958 1 VND to RUB, then use the XE app for currency conversion; it can help you quickly figure out what, where and how much. Do not forget to update exchange rates before leaving the hotel – to make sure that all prices translated accurately (iOS and Android) (iOS andAndroid).

9. AroundMe

AroundMe gets information about your location and lists nearby bars, banks, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, theatres, and taxis. This is useful if you want to watch a movie, and a must if you get sick abroad. Download AroundMe on your iPhone or Android.

10. Wiffinity

Not that it was downright necessary, but still nice to have access to wifi even while on vacation. Wiffinity will help you stay online throughout the world, thanks to a constantly updated list of networks and passwords, and add users (iOS and Android).

11. Yuggler

 Locate the nearest amusement Park and take these children to complete the program. Let them ride together.
Locate the nearest amusement Park and take these children to complete the program. Let them ride together.

Yuggler is an absolute godsend for parents traveling with kids: this app will tell you what interesting things you can do with them near you. Yuggler will give you useful tips and photos, when searching you can use filters to find exactly what you need for your child’s age and interests (only for iPhonebut soon for Android …).

12. Touchnote

Yes, you can say that Touchnote is a special app for travel, but we prefer to think that the greeting cards people send each other not only of the trips. Using Touchnote you can create and send postcards using your own images – at the price of postcards and stamps. All you have to do is open the app, select an image, add text and address – and voila, the card will travel anywhere in the world. Download Touchnote on your iPhone or Android.

13. Flush toilet finder

application for travel
At least there’s the door

When you have to pee you have to pee. Download the app to Flush, turn on phone GPS and you will find your nearest toilet from 190000 (and every day more and more!) toilets included in the app. It is very convenient, especially in the moment when you have not understood something I ate not too fresh in India… Download Flush into your iPhone or Android.

14. Prey Anti Theft

To carry an expensive smartphone in the journey is still headache to worry that it can steal, or you could lose him – not very nice. If this happened, the app Prey Anti Theft helps you find your phone, lock it, activate an alarm, or whatnot. It’s completely free and very useful application. Download it to your iPhoneor Android.

15. CityMapper

 Grand Central Station new York anyone confused.
Grand Central Station new York anyone confused.

CityMapper covers 36 cities (and this is not the end) – and suggests the best way to get from point A to point B, combining all types of transport available in a particular city. All very easy and very helpful. Try (iOS andAndroid).

16. WeatherPRO

useful applications
Had to grab an umbrella

Everyone has their favorite apps with the weather, but we love WeatherPRO. Here God is in the details, such as, for example, weather forecast for skiing, for walking to the beach (with water temperature and levels of ultraviolet radiation), and – most important – it is a very accurate forecast. Download WeatherPRO on your iPhone or Android.


“I swear, we were on this hill…”

We’ve all been there – at some point in the journey, climbed into the phone settings and turned on data roaming. Yes, it has cost us a tidy sum, but what to do once lost. Now say goodbye to your expensive Internet roaming, because there are offline maps MAPS.ME (only upload the cards you need before the trip). Download the app on your iPhone or Android.

18. First aid

I hope that this app will never be used. Of course, at some point in your life you have passed a first aid course, but no one is immune from the shock and inability to react quickly in really emergency situations. Download this app and you will always have the advice for first aid on hand (iOS and Android).

19. Skype

First, Skype is needed in order to keep in touch with friends and family, especially if you are traveling alone. Second, if you want to, after seeing the background behind your back, your home the envy of you, and then Skype will come in handy – the magic of video calls works wonders. And all totally free – if you have decent wifi. Download Skype to your iPhone or Android.

20. The momondo places city guides

To discover a new city a breeze – in the company of the momondo places city guides. Offline maps, about 200 carefully chosen tips to local residents, a system of filters that allow you to narrow down your search to find places that perfectly match your mood and style of travel. Download now (only iOS).

All downloaded? Well, it means you Packed. Now move out the way and start to research (Oh, and don’t forget to send a postcard to mum)!

BONUS: the app momondo

The list of the most essential travel apps would be complete without our app to search for flights and hotels.

We completely redesigned version of our app for iOS and Android, however, we not only changed the design, we also updated the functionality of the application. Improvements in the user interface, design and functionality, as well as the introduction of new options completely changing the idea of finding flights and booking hotels, making it the most intuitive app for planning journeys (iOS and Android).