How To Save Cash When Booking A Hotel Room

As hotel chains get larger and more global, the availability of rooms to stay in has increased dramatically. The older hotels are being renovated and new hotels are being built everyday. Most people enjoy staying in a clean, comfortable room when they are traveling. If children are part of the family, it is important for a hotel to have other amenities such as swimming pool, restaurant with preferably free breakfast, video game room, exercise room, etc. Some hotels allow pets to stay there too.

Use frequent flyer miles

If you have a lot of frequent flyer miles, then you can use them to get the room completely free. Some large hotel chains have this convenience. As we already know, it is easy to collect frequent flyer miles without ever setting foot in an air plane. If we use credit cards that reward us with miles or use the specified portals on the web that give us extra miles for just buying everyday items via those portals, our frequent flyer accounts will increase considerablom

Loyalty pays of

If you are a return customer to many hotel chains, you can collect points for free days of stay. As these points build up, you can gather free rooms continuously. If you are able to get reservations at special times of the year when they offer double or triple points per room, you can get free rooms instantly. If you have multiple members in your family, make sure that you add them all as members. Some hotels will give you miles as well as points, while some will give you only one or the other.

Business Discount

If you are part of a business, it pays to research before you book the room. Most large corporations have discounted rates on the best rooms. So you may be able to relax in a royal suite for much less than you would have to pay on our own. Also, if you are a business traveler, you are entitled to other discounts and amenities such as restaurant, parking, exercise rooms, spa, hot tubs, etc.

Older and Wiser

If you have discounts such as AARP (The American Association of Retired Persons) you can get more discounts just for the asking. Make sure you speak up before you book the hotels and ask for all the discounts you are entitled to get. Many of the hotels refuse to give you more than one discount, but if you are there on site and willing to negotiate, you can get added bonuses that save you money.

Local attractions coupons

Most hotels offer discounts on local attractions. If a hotel room has problems or an angry customer needs appeasing, there are small consolation prizes that are offered by the hotels that can make your stay a little more enjoyable. You can ask for these special discounts on local attractions, free bus passes, free meals, museum tours, movie tickets, etc.

Use the consolidators

Online web sites where the consolidators buy rooms at wholesale and then distribute it at large discounts to customers can get you the best discoui T. There are many styles of hotels, many grades of service and quality that you can choose from. The consolidators are in a hurry to sell all of the tickets they bought, so they may offer huge bargains on last minute sales. Make sure you use a credit card to buy these rooms because some of these online deals may not be legitimate. Today, there are two deals on these sites offering 30 – 40% off the rates if the customer books it for three consecutive days.

Are you one of a party?

There may be occasions such as weddings, conventions, retreats, etc when a group gathers in a hotel or in surrounding areas. Sometimes these local hotels may give discounts to the members of these groups. The last time I went for a retreat in Seattle, Washington, the hotel where we stayed gave us 15% off the rack rate just for being part of the group. These discounts are offered to out of town folk so that they will continue to return to these places for such conventions thus boosting the economy of the region.

Weekend Rates

If you can afford to travel any time you choose, then book the tickets for the days when the rooms are normally empty. Off peak seasons and weekend rates combine to get you drastic discounts from normal fares. Usually the hotel management is willing to cut you a deal since business is very slow during these times. You may be in luck if you ask for an upgrade or room with a better view or a non-smoking room. Also add pets to the package.

With Toby in toe, you may not have to worry about leaving him alone and can enjoy the trip to the maximum. Some of the better hotels have amenities for pets such as snacks, pet trails, pet parks, easily accessible doors for not-so-elevator friendly pets, etc.

Off peak months are when the tourists are gone and the town is pretty empty of crowds. This is the best time to get deals everywhere in town, at the museums, stores and other local attractions.

Inventory Rooms

Most of the hotels have a percentage of rooms that are held back due to problems that need to be fixed. Some of these rooms may have serious problems while others may have minor problems such as a dripping faucet or refrigerator breakdown. These rooms are removed from the check-in lists. If you are interested in these rooms, ask for the lowest rate at the hotel and then ask for a discounted rate.

Get those extras

You can also ask for extra services such as free breakfast, free parking, free telephone calls, and free in room movies. Most of the time these are added costs when we pay the bill, but if you can negotiate in advance, you may be able to reduce your total bill by a large amount, especially if you are traveling with family.

Planning ahead and using all your resources to bring down the price of accommodation will allow you to enjoy and relax even more!