Travel Tips — 8 best app for trips

Our friends from made a selection of the best travel apps.

Roomguru is an international meta-search engine for hotels from HotelsCombined, with similar functionality. I always look at both, in some cities the proposed options are different, both in availability and in price.

Airbnb – the world leader in rental housing from owners. Renting an apartment, house or villa is often more convenient than a room in a hotel, especially if you are traveling with a large family, a company of friends and want to feel almost at home even at the edge of the world.

Seat Guru – a database of many airlines with detailed plans for specific aircraft from a particular company. Thus, you can choose the most convenient place – even a long flight will pass quickly. Now the service has more than 130 carriers, but many Russian still do not.

Uber – With the emergence of Uber in our smartphones, the problem of a taxi has disappeared once and for all. Just a few touches you can choose the destination, immediately find out the cost of the trip, see the approximate time of arrival to you the nearest free car, its brand, model and year of manufacture, the driver’s photo. At the same time, while you are preparing for a trip, you can track the movement of the car on the map. Cash in most cases you do not need: in Uber, it is acceptable to pay by credit card, although in some countries it is possible to calculate cash at your request.

Citymapper – If you prefer to travel by public transport, you will be helped by a unique transport map of the world’s cities, which combines all available routes for buses, trams, trolleybuses, and metro, as well as bicycle routes and bike rental locations. The application will allow you to build and evaluate your journey in advance, indicate the estimated approximate travel time. At the moment the app supports 39 of the most popular tourist cities around the world. Of the nice extra features – support for “smart” watches Apple Watch.

CoPilot GPS is an offline application for drivers that build the best routes for a trip. A useful travel application is well optimized for the convenience of drivers and has support for information about the quality of a particular road in real time.

HERE is another useful travel application that routes. Allows the user to choose the best route. Suitable for any transport.

Google Translate is a popular best travel application around the world. It translates anything from any language into any language. It is useful for travelers in overcoming the language barrier in any country.