10 of most useful apps for travelers

Dring the journey, the smartphone is man’s best friend.

Lately technology is so advanced and embedded in our lives that now the journey is impossible without your smartphone or tablet.

With apps on a smartphone in a few clicks to book a room at the hotel, plan a route, buy tickets, find the cool restaurant in an unfamiliar city, read about what to see and speak to foreigners in their language using the interactive interpreter.

But how to understand the endless number of apps that appear like mushrooms after the rain? To make it easier for tourists fate TSN.Tourism was rated the most necessary applications that must be mobile travelers.

Google Maps

Google is constantly improving their cards, screwing him all new and new functions. As the creators with their maps it is impossible to get lost. Developers permanent encouraging innovation and try their conviction about the impossibility to be lost to make an indisputable fact. With Google maps you can make a route of any complexity and to know which transport is more convenient to reach the destination.

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In addition, Google is now working hard to ensure that all cards have been available in offline mode. With confidence I can say that the “Apple” gadgets location offline-access-determined exactly. But to enumerate all the possibilities of Google maps, perhaps, not enough for two pages. Undoubtedly, at this point, this app should be not only in the smartphone of the traveler, but any resident of the metropolis.


Booking.com – mobile version of the site for booking hotels. The app has already become iconic and is very popular not only with tourists, but everyone who travels around the world. The app allows to easily and often at the best price to book a room anywhere in the world. In the “booking” nearly half a million hotels.

Today it is one of the largest resources. No longer have to surf the sites of the hotels, just go to “booking” and a few minutes to choose a hotel. In addition, the application can apply different filters to the data and to adjust for themselves.

Google Translate

At the moment, the best translator, who speaks almost all languages of the world. Especially nice when such a translator is contained within a smartphone. Infinitely useful Google Translate travel became after he got offline. Before traveling to a certain country, on your smartphone, you can download offline dictionaries from Google Translate and easy to avoid translation difficulties.

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In addition, Google is continuously working to improve module voice input. So, at the moment, almost in real time, you can communicate with people in different languages and understand each other. For example, speaking the phrase in Russian, Google Translate buffer translates and immediately reproduces its English translation.


The application, originally created for the times, gradually transformed into a wonderful guide to the institutions. Facebook is working with geo-data and specifying the location of a person, shows you what is nearby, from shops and parks to bars, restaurants and other various places and buildings. Minus application is that it works only from the Internet. During the journey, useful thing, and the check has not been canceled – friends will immediately see where you are.

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Another small point that maybe someone does not know – with the help of Foursquare you can often find Wi-Fi password from at nearby establishments and free Internet. As a rule, caring visitors leave the passwords at the prompts.


As the creators of the app, it will allow to plan and commit the perfect trip. In addition, that the basis of the TripAdvisor traveler can find more than 75 million reviews and opinions which will help you to find the best hotels, great restaurants and entertainment around the world.

Sticker this app is decorated with showcases of different stores in all European cities. This means that the results of the vote this place the best among all shops of a city.


One of the best applications for the purchase of tickets, including cheap. Developers strive to make it as convenient as possible to buy tickets on the next flight. The app also works with low bone airlines. In addition, you can view flights for the year ahead and choose the most reasonable price.

The company Skyscanner you can take the app FlightTrack. The program is designed for those who are always late for the check, forget about the flight, confuses dates and times. In addition, the application has lots of other Goodies.


Evernote is one of the best in the segment of “the notebook”. Here you can easily save all the data that the traveler will need during the trip.

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Additionally, notes created in Evernote syncs with Google mail. Because of losing the data included in this Notepad, is quite difficult.

This is the most basic app that should be in the smartphone traveler. Don’t forget to use Wikipedia. Oh and bonus for our rating, we decided to add a few more that deserve attention.

  • ForeverMap – the map available in offline mode. But also suggest to download from the app store offline maps of a particular country or city you are visiting. Enough in the store to drive the word new York, as will be immediately offered a number of options. It is best to choose this kind of offline map, in which there is a guide to the attractions of the city. Download: Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Word Lens – the app does not yet deserve the level of “serious”, but it aspires to it. The translation of text in real time. Just enough to bring the smartphone at the sign, as will be immediately offered the transfer.
  • Endomondo. First and foremost, this app is for people involved in sports. The most common use runners or Amateurs to ride a bike. Tourists it might be useful to the accountancy of kilometers traveled. You can find out how many calories were burned during a walk. Because, as a rule, in an unfamiliar city, travelers move on foot more than on transport. Download: Apple Store and Google Play.
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