How To Save 50 Percent Or More On Restaurants, Shopping And More

Since they are on tight budgets, many will probably be looking for smart deals on dining and shopping experiences. Lets look at some of the ways in which people can save more than half off on restaurants, shopping and other entertainment activities.

Online coupons

We can also try new restaurants in the area and find out which ones are better or offers us a more enjoyable dining experience. In addition to discounted restaurant gift certificates, this site gives us detailed restaurant information, allow us to view menus and wine lists online and also had the capability to make free online reservations. There is even a customer service number to all in case your experience was not what you expected!

We can also give these coupons as gifts to friends, helpers, assistants, children, teens who help us around the house etc, saving us more money from not having to go to the big department stores and buy expensive gifts.

Checking at that website today, a restaurant coupon that is usually discounted to $50 is now being distributed for $25.00. That is an amazing discount of 80%!! (you have to use code DISCOVER at checkout) to use this coupon.

You can also subscribe to websites that will hunt for dining coupons and bargains and send them to your inbox. Donna L Montaldo of sends a newsletter that describes the current coupons and bargains available online.

This page has a lot of information on many items including grocery and food items.

At this site, we can customize our favorite stores and compare only those weekly advertisements to find out the best deals in our own neighborhood. What can be more personal that that? This site also stores our shopping lists, allows users to look up ingredients and nutrition facts about items before shopping. This way, we will know before we buy whether we or anyone in our household is allergic to these items.

Currently, we go through a number of local grocery store flyers and manually compare the sales or “buy one get one free” deals at the three or four local stores around our neighborhood. This site makes it easy for us to compare the prices for each week and to make our shopping list more compact and complete. It also saves fuel and frustration by reducing the number of grocery stores we may have to visits.

Disadvantages of joining such websites is that they have our shopping profile and may share them with other companies or grocery vendors who may use our information to direct more junk mail or marketing flyers or advertisements on the websites using our computer addresses.

They have 2 for 1 Entrees, 25% off total bill, free bottle of wine, $5 off delivery, etc. at major cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Local school fundraisers

Many of our schools bring in coupon books from local merchants that have 2-for-1 coupons for lunch and dinner meals. One book may have six months to a years worth of coupons. By using these coupons, we save money and at the same time encourage the local establishments.

Local Newspapers

Sunday edition of the local newspapers are stuffed with coupons that save us over hundreds of dollars in one week. If we prefer, we can just get the Sunday edition from a grocery store and save hundred times more than the price of the paper on one week itself. Remember to cut these coupons and keep them in a safe place to be able to use them when we are using the services offered.

It is important to follow a routine to save money. First scan all the websites listed above and cut out the coupons. Store them in a coupon organizer ordered in a chronological fashion so that you will remember to use the coupons that expire soon before using the coupons that may be used months from now.

Also, do not be ashamed to use coupons. I know people who have saved thousands of dollars cutting out coupons and sending them in for rebates. Every opportunity to save money leads to a bigger bank account that will be a blessing in old age when we cannot work. So use all these ideas to save as much as you can.

Always keep an eye out for discounts wherever you go. You may get marketing mailers full of coupons and 50% off deals for many items, including restaurant bills. Make it a habit to look through each of them before discarding the envelope in the trash. When you are at the Mall, Optometrists, discount stores, grocery stores, restaurants, etc, always look around you to spot more coupons that will help you save even more money!

A penny not spent is a dime saved in the bank!