The Secret To Winning A Better Price For Your Cruise

Cruising the Caribbean or the Mediterranean is close to the most luxurious or enjoyable vacation that the majority of travelers in the world can think of. To soak up the sun while relaxing on the deck of a humongous ocean liner weighing 150 thousand gross tons or more is nothing short of a fantasy for most people!

There are several ways to find bargains in cruise vacations:

Try your travel agent – The most dependable of all people to help you design your own custom vacation is your neighborhood travel agent. Recently, we searched the entire web for a good deal on cruises and found the best price (70% off the published price) and our travel agent made it even better by telling us which cabin to choose to avoid seasickness, which was better for the price, which was more comfortable for kids, etc.

Many of these tips are on the web, but it may take us two days to find this information while our travel agent can tell you this in two hours. She helped us understand the immigration issues, port fees and insurance we would have to pay for and other details we would never have found out by ourselves. She even arranged the airfare from our town to the sea port for about 70% of its price . It was a package deal with the cruise line which we were never aware of!

Surf the web – Even though there are many sites where they offer you tremendous bargains, you will need to know a lot of details before you make a decision on this. Their 90-day ticker gets you up to 75% off on most cruises. Also, by using your AARP or senior discount cards, you can bring the price down further.

Verify that the site is legitimate and also try to find out if others in your circle have used them. Read the reviews for this company by Googling the company name with the word “review”. For the site, Google the phrase “vacationstogo reviews”

Register at sites where they offer monthly free cruises. You have a chance to win a free InSight cruise. Although the port fees and taxes are not included, one winner every four months gets a free SEVEN day cruise which will depart within 18 months of the drawing date.

The information about the previous winner is listed on the site for verification that these contests are legitimate. They also promise not to share our personal information with any outside sources. Beware of scam artists who offer free vacations, tours and cruises.

Another cruise site that seems legitimate. They too offer free and extremely discounted cruises. Remember, the cheapest cabin on a Mediterranean cruise can go for $199 at the last minute. So if you really would like to go on a cruise, get a good deal on a last-minute cruise to a destination you want instead of waiting to win a free cruise to a destination you may not be interested in. is a website where you can book deeply discounted cruises that come with several bonuses and cash discounts. Let us go through the strategies required to get a good deal on several exciting cruises through the site.

PriceLine guarantees its price 110% which means that if you can prove that there is a price somewhere for the same EXACT cruise itinerary that you could get for less money than what it is offered for at PriceLine’s Cruise Outlet website, then PriceLine will refund you the entire money you were charged on the credit card along with 10% more for your effort. So go ahead and search for the absolute lowest price of the cruise.

Currently, on their site, they are offering up to 75% off on Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines etc., along with $300 off in free spending money, $200 off in cash and free bon voyage drinks and stateroom upgrades! What more can we ask for?

Here is a list of important criteria you need to decide on before you book a cruise:

a. Cruise Line – Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess etc
b. Destination and Route – Mediterranean countries, Hawaiian islands, New Zealand delights, etc
c. Number of days for the trip. Seven to Fourteen day trips are the most popular.
d. How many cabins and which levels and types of staterooms (Interior, Ocean view, Balcony, Suite)
e. Any senior citizens in your group
f. Date of Departure
g. Flight included or not
h. Air port to Sea port shuttle included or not.
i. Ship’s Rating – these are similar to hotel star ratings. These ratings are given by former passengers of the ship. After your cruise, remember to update them based on your experiences.

PriceLine’s Cruise outlets do not have bidding policies. You may choose any cruise you like and book it immediately. There are also telephone numbers to call in case you need to talk to a live agent.

Overall, the best way to book a cruise is to search online and then talk to a travel agent to see if she can get you a consolidator price that is lower.

Remember to check out the ships reviews by Googling “ship-name reviews” to get the info on previous traveler’s experiences. Also, go to the Cruise Line web site to read up on what they expect you to do, such as packing tips, tipping tips, behavior on the ship, making reservations for the restaurants, booking shore excursions, availability of transportation at the ports, medical facilities, etc.