How To Receive Bargain “E-fares” In Your Email Inbox

Many people cannot even get to a computer during the day, let alone surf the web. However, most people have email facilities. How wonderful it would be if someone among us did all the searching and comparisons and send us the information periodically by email? We could even pay for it!

Hold your horses! I was just kidding!

I can find you several sites which will send you email information without you having to spend a penny for them and without asking for information about yourself or your ancestors!

There are many people who have been traveling for a long time. They used to write books on traveling or become travel agents in their towns. Now that the internet is accessible even in the remote regions of the world, most of these people share their experiences in the form of BLOGS or travelogues. Many of the websites of individuals who travel have regular blogs that are updated from the city they are in at that time. Many of these travelers have also become “citizen journalists” when they send in videos or photos or sometimes just audio descriptions about disasters happening in remote areas to CNN or other world news networks.

Many of the travel related sites share information, reviews and other details with would-be travelers and armchair travelers in the world.

Here are some sites where you can register and get emails loaded with lots of goodies that will help you decide on which vacation spot deserves your money next year!

The world famous traveler and journalist Arthur Frommer has decided to find affordable trips for all of us. He regularly checks out sites for discounted airfares, bargain cruises and rock-bottom car rental prices and other deals and shares his expertise with us through daily emails, blogs and even podcasts!

On his website, there is information on Lodging in Lighthouses and Checking out apartments in Europe. Sign up for his tips on various destinations all over the globe!

TRAVEL ZOO is another website that checks out bargains and sends email on the top TWENTY bargains on the web. The latest email newsletter is filled with Bargain Las Vegas trip, Orlando hotel bargains, Mexican getaways, Maui Beachfront bargain, Europe and Russia Celebrity Cruise with air and more…

How about the consolidator websites that are very well know to travelers already. In addition to email news about bargain e-fares, they also have fare watchers where they keep looking for fares until they match our pre-defined amount and then inform us through an email.

For example, I can have up to five fare watchers at a time. I assign the first destination city as New York and checks out the current lowest fare that Travelocity can offer to New York. Let us say its $500. I set my fare watcher to alert me when the fare becomes $200 less than the current fare or $500. Travelocity compares the “my city” to New York fare everyday and if they can offer a fare of $300 for a flight at any time, I will get an email to inform me that the fare has reached my acceptance level.

The advantage of this fare watching technique is that we would be alerted as soon as the fare hits a low that we are comfortable with so that we can go ahead and purchase the ticket. Another advantage of this method when compared to bidding on PriceLine is that we can ignore the firewatcher email and our credit card will never be charged unlike PriceLine where we are stuck with the package if our bid is accepted.

The disadvantage of these fare watching techniques is that we cannot plan ahead or know when we will be able to travel. If the fare goes low because of a snowstorm or other disaster in the destination, we probably wouldn’t go anyway.

As you can see, instead of spending hours by the computer, we can utilize several methods by which we can share the intelligence and search results of others who have traveled before us and/or are willing to share their information with us.

Remember that when you sign up for these deals, do not given any information other than your name (which can be fictional) and a valid email address. They may ask you for your zip code sometimes. I usually enter that number and have not had any problems. Do not give them your telephone number or address or you will be hounded by telemarketing calls even if you are on the Do-not-call list registry!

Well, at least some of these email newsletters will have good information if you are on the lookout for a good bargain on air-fare, hotel accommodation or auto rentals. Also for cruises, last minute travel bargains are awesome if you have the ability to pack and get away on short notice!